Monthly Archives: September 2016

Pedal Power Immersion

Lion lake RotevalleIt has been just over three months of travel (Spain, Provence, Belgium–briefly–the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Vermont, Massachusetts and finally the Netherlands once again—-), and eight places of residence since departing the UK at the end of May–before I was booted out due to my visa status.

It has all been an adventure and an exciting one at that!  The Very BEST part of it all was my marriage to Paul.  Even though we had less than two weeks to plan it, it came out perfectly thanks to my beloved friends and merciful weather gods! We both enjoyed our simple ceremony and our blissful five days together in Vermont which culminated in a sail on a Friendship sloop owned by a dear friend of mine on Lake Champlain. read more


Power To The (Motorhome) People


I collected an essential part of our on board electrical kit yesterday, a Honda EU20i suitcase generator.

Both Cynthia and I are used to living off grid on the boat, but we had a slightly more robust electrical system there. We had four 160ah AGM batteries powered by a 300w solar array and the engine’s 70amp alternator. The solar array catered for all of our electrical needs in the warmer months without having to resort to running the boat’s engine for battery charging.

The boat had a 2kw inverter fitted so that we could run mains appliances. We had more power than we could reasonably use so, to be honest, we were a little wasteful with our electricity. We have to be much more careful in the Hymer. read more