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Au Revoir France

On Friday 24 February at almost exactly 1200 (noon) we crossed the border from France to Switzerland.  Wasn’t much of a crossing–there was no one at the border station to greet us!  We had passports out and ready to go.  Oh well, no worries!  We parked just across from the border station, and walked to a gas station a short distance away to buy our CF (Swiss Francs) 40 highway vignette that allows us to drive on the Swiss motorways.

 I have considered Switzerland one of my homes away from home for a number of years, as I flew there so frequently during my tenure as International Flight Attendant.  I have always felt comfortable there.  And now I find myself feeling even more comfortable in France after spending the last nearly four months there. read more


Tales of Woe: From the Sweltering French Mediterranean to the Snow Blanketed Swiss Alps

Have you missed us?

Please accept my apologies for not updating the blog in recent weeks. Thank you, if you are one of the many blog subscribers concerned enough about our wellbeing to email me. I am well. Cynthia is well too. We’re both alive and kicking and having a wonderful time.

We’re in Switzerland now, parked by a sunlit harbour in Saint-Aubin-Sages on the northern shore of forty kilometre long lake Neuchâtel. I should be writing, but I can’t help gazing out of my bedroom window five miles across the lake to the snow capped alps towering over the southern shore. read more