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Motorhome Versus Narrowboat expenses over a three month period

I lived afloat on my 62’ narrowboat James No 194 for six and a half wonderful years. Many boat owners will tell you with a wry smile that B.O.A.T. is an acronym. It stands for ung In Another Thousand. It’s true that boat ownership can be expensive, but how do the costs compare with a motorhome?

I’ve listed and broken down our costs for a three month period for each. Both are the costs for living on board full time. In both boat and motorhome we spent a fair amount of time cruising or touring rather than sitting in one spot for weeks or months on end. In case you’re unfamiliar with either my boat or our motorhome, here’s a little about each. read more


Power To The (Motorhome) People


I collected an essential part of our on board electrical kit yesterday, a Honda EU20i suitcase generator.

Both Cynthia and I are used to living off grid on the boat, but we had a slightly more robust electrical system there. We had four 160ah AGM batteries powered by a 300w solar array and the engine’s 70amp alternator. The solar array catered for all of our electrical needs in the warmer months without having to resort to running the boat’s engine for battery charging.

The boat had a 2kw inverter fitted so that we could run mains appliances. We had more power than we could reasonably use so, to be honest, we were a little wasteful with our electricity. We have to be much more careful in the Hymer. read more