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Back in August of 2013, my then watch needed a battery to continue it’s life, and I opted out.  I decided then and there that I wanted to give it a go living without a watch.  For 27 years I had been a slave to wearing a watch—I was an International Flight Attendant and my life ran by the clock—sometimes to the minute.

Fast forward to this current year.  This past August I decided to purchase a FitBit because I loved the look and the fact that it could tell me more than time.  I had been counting on my iPhone to check the time, but it wasn’t always with me and often times wasn’t working because I had forgotten to charge it up.  I do like and use the FitBit, but not as much as I thought I would.

And now here we are, traveling about Europe without really any deadlines to speak of.  That said, we are currently in rainy, dismal Malaga Spain and have an important appointment tomorrow.   So we will need to set the old alarm and check that watch in order to be on time.   That is OK but we are both glad we no longer have to be a slave to timepieces the majority of the time.

We often ask each other what is the date, what time it is, and what day of the week!  I never thought I would see the day when that would be the case.  Having the freedom to decide when to do something is one of the very best freedoms to have in my book.

We have sort of a daily routine that we adhere to fairly strictly, but not at a particular time.  After enjoying a leisurely breakfast, Paul heads to his “office”—the bedroom suite –with the curtain pulled and does his two hour work bit without interruption.  I am free to do what I please during these two hours, and after doing the washing up and tidying of our space, I write emails, exercise, sometimes head to town for a bit of shopping or taking the dogs for a walk.  I love this freedom as much as Paul does, which leads me to my next point.

Part of time is having Freedom, and Freedom is having the time to do what you want when you pretty much want.  We cherish this freedom and we each enjoy our private time alone.  We are very fortunate that we can be under the same roof and yet enjoy our own quiet space.  And then the rest of the day is ours to explore, to walk and read and take photographs of our many and varied beautiful surroundings.   And after a light supper we settle in to read and watch our favourite DVD’s. And then it is time for a little more reading and then hankering down for a cozy night’s sleep together.  If we are lucky we will even be accompanied by the delightful and comforting sound of the rain on our roof, which we both love.

I know we are lucky to live a life that doesn’t involve being a slave to time, and one of the greatest parts of choosing this lifestyle and being retired.  My hopes are that all of you reading these blogposts will be able to enjoy the same in the near future.  As we live out our “golden years” it is comforting and freeing to know we do not have to be a slave to the clock.

Every morning we ask each other the three things we are most grateful for regarding the previous day.  It is a given that the next 24 hours of each day is ours to do as we wish and we never take that for granted.

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Cynthia Smith

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John Blundell - November 27, 2016

I want some of that,
Next June hopefully

Richard - November 28, 2016

Good for you, Cynthia. I haven’t owned a watch since I came to Australia in 1992 – I learnt to tell the time by the sun. Really, unless I have an appointment, it doesn’t matter what the time is – outside is either day or night. Inside, I can work in either. BTW, beware of your catering as Spain has the world’s highest rating for food poisoning.

peter mace - November 28, 2016

My what a lovely way to put your life.
How envious I am.
Good luck to you both


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