Making Mistakes vs Life Happens

This morning we set off early in order to reach our next destination about twenty five miles west of Vernet les Bains where we spent the last two idealic days and nights.

We stopped at the Intermarche super market in town in order to have our breakfast and stock up a bit.  This chain of supermarkets is ubiquitous here in France and they offer many services we find handy.  We also needed to discuss how we would deal with this ongoing battery terminal issue.  As we pulled into the parking area, I noticed that there was a place to dump our grey water which was also part of a do-it-yourself car wash–the kind with the wand that swings around as you move about the vehicle to wash it.

Paul checked the grey water spigot and found that it was still open, so we made our way forward and then heard a very unfortunate CLANG/CLUNK as something hit the motorhome.  It turned out to be this wand and it was broken and needed to be replaced.  I won’t bore you with the details or what we had to pay.  That is pretty much immaterial.  What IS important is how unavoidable situations like this can best be dealt with.

Paul was angry with himself for “making such a stupid mistake” (his words) and didn’t want to discuss it.  This could have turned into a bit of a nasty confrontation, but after saying my bit I let it go and was silent.

I am sure all of you out there have run into similar situations, and if not, then just wait, you will–I promise!

So here is my way of dealing with these unavoidable instances that might prove somewhat helpful.  I told Paul this was just something that happened–a life event–and there was no way either one of us had any idea that we could have foreseen what would happen.  I asked him to forgive himself and let it go.  I didn’t want the event to spoil our day.  I certainly didn’t blame him for what happened—nothing good ever comes from blaming!  Forgiveness is so important in our dealings with ourselves and those around us.  Since we can’t always avoid mistakes and life events, we don’t have to let them control our feelings or our lives at that moment.

Forgiveness is just letting go.  Not always easy if you aren’t used to doing it, but becomes much easier with time and practice like everything else.

The upside to this story??  Another opportunity to have something interesting to write about!

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Cynthia Smith

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Marnie - November 26, 2016

Spot on Cynthia……life’s too short

Phil - November 27, 2016

I had a vauxhall carlton, a lovely car but now and again it wouldn’t start, all you got was a click from the starter motor. I had the AA out to it on a number of occasions and got all the usual excuses ie faulty starter motor, bad earth get another strap to the engine etc.
When the time came for our mobile mechanic to give it a service ( I’ve been having him for at least 30 years) he said that he would have a look for me. Two hours later he said ” I’ve found out what the trouble is, when you have been driving and you stop for a while to do shopping or fill up, the anti theft device you have is still warm and when you try and start the car it puts up a resistance in the circuit if you leave the car to get cold it will start normally” and so it was. He isolated the device and no more problems.
Enjoying reading about your travels, my memories of Spain are of the orange blossom scent filling the air. You lucky people , take care Phil n Jan

    Paul Smith - November 30, 2016

    Hi Phil,

    We’re keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that our starter battery problems are behind us. We certainly haven’t had a problem since our latest repair.

bob harper - November 27, 2016

You are a saint. The motor home has at least 4 wheels all should have been kicked while Paul decided that it totally wasn’t his fault and it was down to poor maintenance by the owner. I must say I am getting a bit confused. one week you are saying you are only going to do a few miles and stay over two or three days to reduce your diesel expense and better plan your expenses, next minute you are driving through one of Frances awful Pyrenian roads with rock overhangs and twists and turns that are bad enough in a Mazda 5 and to then head off on a very long toll road drive to Malaga. ( you missed an awful lot of wonderful places on the way). Make sure now you are in that area that you do visit Seville and Granada. BUT there are so many wonderful places withing 100k of where you are now that it should keep you amused for weeks. the weather will not be bad for long.

David Morgan - November 28, 2016

Visit lovely seaside town of La Herradura just off motorway between Nerja and Almunecar. Find Marina del Este just to the North and aire for campers behind the very pretty (and now mostly deserted) Marina Playa(beach)!

    Paul Smith - November 30, 2016

    Thanks for the advice Dave. Nerja and Almunecar are now on our to do list if we head that way.

francis - November 30, 2016

bad luck just creeps up on you and there is very little you can do Cynthia, just be glad you have never stalled going through a parking barrier and hearing it comes crunching down on the roof of your motor home as a friend of mine has .

    Cynthia Smith - December 9, 2016

    Yes, bad things do happen, but I like to see them as opportunities to learn something valuable. And at the same time be grateful that the motorhome was not ransacked nor were the girls hurt. I will do my utmost to follow that little voice within that never lies!


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