Swanky Paris Restaurants Eclipsed by our Local Bar

Our Hymer appears to have made an unexpected and complete recovery from its electrical ailments. The two leisure batteries refused to accept a charge from either mains power or from our suitcase generator for two days. Yesterday, clutching at straws, I fired the generator up, crossed my fingers and plugged it into the 230V outlet on the Hymer’s starboard side. A steady stream of happy amps marched along a plastic and copper highway before leaping enthusiastically into the battery bank.

I’m sure our electrical woes are far from over. We still need to invest in a battery charger in case the charging system goes down again. I also need to add a multimeter to my toolkit and find someone prepared to instruct an adult with all the practical capabilities of a four-year-old (me)  on its proper use.

Cynthia returned yesterday, whisked in the blink of an eye from Paris to Narbonne. She travelled on a TGV, Train à Grande Vitesse, one of France’s marvellous high-speed trains. Much as she enjoyed the journey, she said that the sight of two trains passing each other at a combined speed of 600 kph (360 mph) is a bit of a shock to the system.

On our way back we stopped for lunch at Peyriac-de-Mer’s popular O Vieux Tonneaux. Their menu du jour was delicious. For €15 each we had a thick and creamy soup, boeuf bourguignon with melt-in-your-mouth chunks of wine-soaked beef and a sublime pear and egg custard dessert. Cynthia and her friend Eduardo ate out regularly in Paris. All of the swanky Parisian restaurants they visited failed miserably to match a simple meal at Peyriac’s village bar.

Much as we enjoy this area, we’ve decided to leave. We’ve done a little virtual exploration of Spain’s northeastern coast. The spaghetti-like roads indicate a steep and narrow route with expansive clifftop views over the sparkling Mediterranean. I hope my heart doesn’t fail before I see them.

We hurtled down Spain’s eastern coast in November 2016. We had Cynthia’s expensive Dutch bike stolen on our second day. That experience, and an arduous three-day 1,200-kilometre drive along a motorway flanked by abandoned graffiti-covered buildings and high rise coastal holiday apartment blocks, put us off Spain completely.

We didn’t give Spain a chance. We know we’re going to struggle to find organic produce to help keep Cynthia cancer free so we’ll stock up before spending a week there. Before that, Cynthia needs a few days to recover from frantic city life.

Hasta la vista, baby!

Preparing a Paris restaurant window display

Preparing a Paris restaurant window display

Parisian dining - Wholemeal bread topped with goat's cheese, parsley and radishes

Parisian dining –
Wholemeal bread topped with goat’s cheese, parsley, walnuts and radishes

boeuf bourguignon in Peyriac - Three delicious courses for €15

boeuf bourguignon in Peyriac – Three delicious courses for €15

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Paul Smith

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Neil - February 26, 2018

That looks gorgeous, better than my bubble and squeak and cold pork left over from yesterdays roast.

    Paul Smith - February 27, 2018

    It looked gorgeous, and it tasted better than it looked!

Fiona Everingham - February 27, 2018

If you’re heading for Spain, try the Extremadura region, we’ve been there in winter and the weather wasn’t too bad. It’s nice and quiet and uncommercial (or was a few years ago!) and there are some really lovely interesting historic towns. The Monfrague National Park is possibly worth a visit just for the vultures! Good travels!

    Paul Smith - February 27, 2018

    Thanks for the suggestion Fiona. We will be thinking about heading back towards the Netherlands in four short weeks. That area is too far for this year. Maybe next winter. I would like to see some vultures, but I guess we’ll have our chance when we take our motorhome in for repair.


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