The Week That Was…


Well, sorry to say this weeks contribution won’t be a lengthy one due to the fact that I (actually both of us) am still trying to cope with getting the flu.  It certainly caught us by surprise.  Neither of us has been sick like this for years!  I have been reprimanding myself for not having stocked my first-aid/natural remedies arsenal with the highly effective Oscillococcinum by Boiron.  Oh well, I won’t make that mistake again soon!

We spent a good four hours toting our things from the boat to the motorhome—I did the packing on the boat interspersed by cleaning and Paul did the running back and forth and unpacking on the motorhome.  We made a good team, and were proud of ourselves when after we set off we discovered there were no rattling sounds! After my many years of living on sailboats along with working on airplanes I have learned how to pack securely.

I had to admire Paul’s driving skills as he found us battling strong downpours along with narrow twisty roads.  We were both relieved to arrive safely at Newlands for the night.

The next day was Easter, and while Paul did some errands outside, I ran around like a banshee hiding chocolate Easter rabbits and the like.  Paul had a fun time locating all of them and it was a nice way to enjoy the holiday.

From then on the next couple of days were a blur for me—I spent the majority of my time lying about feeling under the weather along with feeling sorry for myself…..

The day we were set to leave for the coast, I woke up surrounded by the Wild Exmoor ponies and sheep….such a lovely sight!  I felt good enough to be up in the copilot seat for the remainder of the day and loved every minute of the heart-in-my-throat hairpin twists and turns down to Lynton.  Paul did a superb job negotiating all this–especially after the heart-stopper of a hill which forced him to back down and seek an alternate route.

We walked about Lynton for awhile enjoying the lovely sunshine as we gazed out on the sea and Harbor before us.  I found myself getting caught up watching a fledgling solo surfer trying to ride the waves.  After 15 minutes of watching him I knew this was either his first attempt or close to it.  Not like watching the seasoned surfers I grew up with in SoCal!  But I give him credit for trying…

We decided to head up the coast on the A39, and as we started out of town we were immediately accosted by a 12% uphill grade in front of us.  Just As Paul downshifted we both looked up simultaneously and found ourselves staring at a mammoth truck coming towards us.  Our hearts were in our throats and we held our breath as we made our way past him unscathed.  Wow.  What a hill!  We drove along in ecstasy and passed by the entrance to the toll road to Porlock.  We stopped at a breathtaking spot overlooking the sea with Porlock nestled down against the sea below us and vowed we would return.

Paul decided to return to the toll road and eschew the 25% gradient.  Smart move this, as we were bludgeoned with charm at every turn on this lovely road with no lorries to deal with.  The toll booth was hilarious—just a box by a lean-to to drop your money in!

The remainder of the trip went well, but it was a long day.  Unfortunately too long for me, as I found myself the next day in relapse, with Paul the same to a lesser extent.  Neither one of us wanted to hang around the marina so off we went—and after a very cathartic Detox bath at the Days Inn we were on our way to our present location—a superb choice by Paul.

I felt badly in more ways than one that I couldn’t give Paul a nicer celebration for his birthday…..but there’s always next year!  And at least the cake brought a smile to his face…..hope you enjoy it!

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Cynthia Smith

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AC - October 23, 2016

Nice to see you’re all enjoying yourselves.
Best wishes

    Paul Smith - October 24, 2016

    Yes, we’re having a great time Ann, and I think the great times are going to continue for a long while yet.


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