You’re Never Safe from Surprise……

…….until you’re Dead”–has been one of my themes of life for a long time, and it is So True!  It often goes along with “Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.”  And in this most recent case both applied.

On Wednesday 26 October we were on our way from the Netherlands to Calais France where I was booked in to stay at another Airbnb.  Paul had to return briefly to the UK in order to obtain our much-needed travel insurance.  As I couldn’t keep the dogs with me, we had them checked at the vets on Monday 24 October to see that all would be in order for the crossing for both of the girls.  Tasha already had her passport, and Florence was just getting hers for the first time.  We left the vets happy and secure in the knowledge that all was in order–NOT!!

Segue way back to Wednesday the 26th while in route through Belgium to France–I was saying to Paul that we should plan to call later that evening to make sure that all was well.  He was emphatic that there would be no problems and all would go well.

We continued on our way to my Airbnb and arrived at the time we told our host we would arrive–1530 (3:30PM).  This was great, because it gave Paul plenty of time to get back to the Chunnel and check the girls into Pet Reception, as the drive was only 30 minutes.

I was in the midst of enjoying a relaxing talk and cup of tea with my new and very delightful host, when my phone rang and all hell was about to break loose.   It was Paul rather upset over the fact that there was an issue with Tasha’s passport and they wouldn’t take let her go through.

I immediately told him I would contact the vet in the Netherlands and then ask my host if she had any ideas about a place I could board Tasha overnight.  She proceeded to call a vet she knew in Calais that boarded pets.  Unfortunately all she could do was leave a message.

The minute she hung up the phone, she turned to me and told me we would drive to Pet Reception and pick up Tasha and she could stay the night with me.  I couldn’t believe my ears, but I was certainly not going to argue!  I hurriedly called Paul and told him we would be on our way shortly.

When we got there I collected Tasha, and her food and things and off we went, allowing Paul to make the originally scheduled crossing with Florence in tow.

Tasha was her usual quiet and wonderful self on the ride back.  My host was impressed with her lovely disposition and we took the coast road back, with my host showing me different towns and points of interest along the way.

It turned out to be a lovely afternoon and evening, and Tasha settled right into her new digs.

I have been lucky throughout my life having just the right people show up at the right time to help me out.  My gratefulness for this knows no bounds.  When I need someone to show up in my life, they always seem to do so!

Sometimes the seemingly worst situations can turn into a godsend, so never being safe from surprise is just fine by me:-))

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